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        CFHI and ZHONGKE JIENENG contracted tires recycling cooperative project
        Make time:2017-12-15

        CFHI and ZHONGKE JIENENG contracted tires recycling cooperative project

        On November 12,2017, CFHI and ZHONGKE JIENENG contracted tires recycling cooperative project.


        According to investigation, with the rapid economic development in China, the number of motor vehicles has been on the rise and the number of used tires has risen sharply. In 2016, the annual output of waste tires has exceeded 15 million tons and it is estimated that by 2020, it will exceed 20 million tons. Reducing waste tires,recycling, bio-safety disposal and comprehensive utilization for environmental protection has become the worldwide problem.

        There are four main ways to dispose waste tires: retreading, produce crumb rubber, produce reclaimed rubber and tires pyrolysis, of which tires pyrolysis is the best way. China IronSteel Research Institute Group is a national enterprise directly under the management of SASAC which mastered the waste tires low temperature micro-negative pressure pyrolysis technology through introduction of foreign technology and independent research and development. This technology it mastered is at the leading level in China, a demonstration plant with the annual waste tires disposal capacity of 25,000 tons was built in Shenze County, Hebeie Province and has passed the environmental assessment of the Environmental Protection Agency of Shijiazhuang City, and has already been put into operation.

        Low temperature micro-negative pressure pyrolysis technology is environmental friendly, it does not produce harmful gases and pollutants, through it waste tires can be converted into pyrolysis oil (40%-45%), carbon black (30%-36%), steel wire (12%-15%), combustible gas (5%-8%) and so on, it is a new green technology and can bring good economic and social benefits.

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